Divine Plan Healer Training

                A Paradigm Shift in Healing


The Divine Plan Healer Training

Pink Heart -Divine Plan-

Learn to heal yourself and others with this unique Healing System.

Step into your blueprint, on your path and into your power

Learn to co-create with the Universe and begin to turn your life around with the Divine Plan Healing system. A simple yet powerful 7 step healing system allows you, using the Emerald Heart Light, to heal yourself and others.

Healing may include any manifesting situation that one deems necessary to change for a better life. It may well include life situations and circumstances.

The initial one day training course will give you the tools to heal yourself and others. The trainee will be walked through the system with a first hand demonstration and will have the opportunity of practicing on another in a supervised environment.

To be able to work with the Divine Plan, an attunement into the heart of the Earth Mother is included as part of the course. As this can be a powerful and emotion experience we recommend participants not drive immediately after the event.

Also included in the course are 2x Divine Love Essences (value 660kr) , the Divine Plan Manual and laminated practitoners quick reference guide.

As support for your journey, I offer personal email contact and a free 30 minute follow up skye call one month after the course to answer any questions you may have and to see how things are unfolding for you.

All inclusive cost for the one day course is 3990kr


heartbulletOne days training

heartbulletAttunement into the Heart of the Earth Mother

heartbullet2x Divine Love Essences

heartbulletThe Divine Plan Manual

heartbulletPractitioners quick reference guide

heartbulletOne free 30 minute follow-up call, one month after the course (value 450kr)

2 Responses to Divine Plan Healer Training

  1. Monica Ericsson says:

    Hej Ian!
    Jag är intresserad av denna “kurs”, behöver spara pengar först bara…
    Har kollat in essenser på David’s sida,
    och känner att jag behöver en specifik
    som är passande efter 12 extremt jobbiga är.

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