Divine Plan Healing

Pink Heart -Divine Plan-



Get out of the way and witness God doing the work .

As a practitioner using the Divine Plan Healing System I am merely the witness to the healing taking place. I connect the client into the Universe and the Earth Mother, enclosing them in a visualized healing bubble. Light is then brought in to fill this healing space. When that process is complete I then seal the light into the clients mind ,body and soul, where it will continue to heal the issue in question from between 4 – 7 weeks. 

There are 7 steps taken during a Divine Plan Healing session.

1. The Invocation

2. The Blanket

3. The Net

4. The Offering

5. The Heart

6. The Essence

7. The Praise

DPInvocations, visualizations and mantras are used to work with the Light . As I become the Witness, I facilitate higher universal forces who will work with you directly.

The Healing sessions take between 60 and 90 minutes and are performed in a safe, relaxing and empowering environment.

The Divine Love vibrational essence is required to be taken during the 4 week unfolding process. Take 3 drops, 3 times a day on an empty stomach until the bottle is finished.

The Divine Plan Healing System can be performed as effectively at a distance as person to person.

Exchange for healing session: (for up to 7 weeks of continuous healing)

GBP120.00  /  SEK1400,00


Included in price is:

one 90 minute Divine Plan Healing session.

one 15 minute follow up call (value GBP15.00  /  SEK175,00)  one

one Divine Love essence (value GBP20.00  /  SEK250,00)

To book a session, leave a message on the Contact me page.

For Divine Plan Practitioner training go here:  http://wp.me/P27ERM-2o

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