3 hares

“I felt somewhat stuck and not moving in the direction I wanted to be when I discussed taking a program with Ian. Ian suggested I look at the web site before going further which I did. Certain things there resonated with what I had read earlier elsewhere causing me to just feel the right thing to do was to go on a program. I was open minded and not sure as to how the whole thing works. After signing up for a program, and even before I started, I felt things were beginning to change.

I started with the essence as instructed for the duration of the Emerald Heart program. All I can say is that things started to develop at a rapid rate and the following six to nine months were nonstop momentum! I do not understand what or how this works, but I feel confident that Ian is able to facilitate matters on a different level to what is generally known or understood.”

Stephen, Leeds UK

Doing an EH program with Ian was a most profound experience for me and one that brings lasting and continual change. It’s similar to watching doors slam shut behind me then disappearing as I pass through them, (the doors being fears that were holding me back from being who I wanted to be.) What I found to be most amazing is the fact that things didn’t stop when the program finished. As each old door closed behind me a new one opened, heralding an exciting, brighter future. Thank you Ian and your lovely team of practitioners for that light in my life 🙂

Leanne, Queensland Australia

After a number of Emerald Heart and Wheel of Light programs with Ian it will be easier to list the newly acquired qualities I now have in my life:

Growth, Maturity, Self confidence, Stability, Strength, Happiness, Success.

Life is now a joy and I am happy to live it fully   : )

Madeleine,  Göteborg  Sweden

Ian & the Guides have helped to propel me from a place of  fearful inertia into a world full of exciting possibilities.I thought that it might be an overwhelming experience, but it was gentle & interesting to feel the changes happening .It is such a relief to finally let go of some old fears & I now feel ready to embrace life for the first time.

Thanks & best wishes

Cressi, Oxford UK

I’ve been searching for the truth in many places for many years during my life and only recently I’ve come to understand that all the answers lie within. Since i began to work with the Emerald Heart Light, through Ian, I have experienced amazing changes in my life. With his invaluable help and support through the programs, my perception of life has gained new horizons and at last I feel I am moving in the right direction.

Many thanks

Blazej,            Stockholm Sweden.