High Vibrational Essences

I offer the full range of Devic, Wheel of Light, Extreme, Sentinel, Time and Space and Emerald Heart Keys. Developed by David Ashworth over many years and unrivalled in their penetrative abilities.

What are Keys of Liquid Light?

Essences3Formerly known as Essences, Keys are high frequency vibrational energy signatures using liquid as a carrier. As such, they are very subtle, but tend to penetrate very deeply into the different levels of consciousness of the user. Basically they are Spiritual Light in a bottle.

There is much information available today about Vibrational Essences, originally called Flower Remedies by the father of this mode of self-help, Dr. Edward Bach. Doctor Bach was clearly ahead of his time, with the most amazing sensitivity to nature. An allopathic Doctor, his ability to listen to the consciousness of flowers allowed him to develop these simple but powerful tools for self-transformation.

Why Should We Use Keys?

They are extremely good at balancing mental and emotional situations in your life and helping you to get through difficult times.

They are extremely effective at bringing about self-transformation.

Children and Keys

Children respond extremely well and quickly to Keys. Accidents and upsets can be helped within seconds as the essence goes deep into the consciousness and changes the aggravated emotion or mental picture into one of calmness, or brings about pain relief.


In relationships sometimes we can be out of balance or out of sync. with our partner. Keys can very quickly change this picture and bring about harmony again.


One of the most powerful effects of Keys is their ability to bring about change in our lives. Transformation are where the Keys true power lies.

Self help

If you can dowse or muscle test, as with kinesiology, or intuit by any other method, then you can select  a Key to uplift yourself. There are many manufacturers of essences in the United Kingdom and throughout the world and a quick search of the Internet will soon find them. In the UK check out http://www.bafep.com where you will find a listing of most of the producers. Alternatively, do a search using the words ‘Flower Essences’.

Working With a Practitioner

I work with Essence Programmes, using Bach Essences and High Vibrational Evolutionary Keys. originally created by David Ashworth. Using Energy signatures from Sacred Sites and other power centres around the World, David created six series of Keys unparalleled in their potency and ability to produce change in your life.

Deeper Work

For deeper consciousness work it is imperative that you work with a practitioner. You cannot do this work alone. This is because what you are trying to achieve is deep change and it is not just the energy of the Key that is involved, but the consciousness of the Practitioner themselves which is needed to bring about the change.

Exchange for individual essences in all ranges  SEK330,00