About me

Anundshög1Since an early age I have had a strong interest in Earth energy sites and places of natural beauty.

After leaving College, I began lengthy careers in International Banking and Transport Logistics until a new questioning led me to meet a number of successful Healers and Personal Development teachers with a view to discovering my path. It was during this time I met David Ashworth and after becoming familiar with his work, I realised I had found something very special.

I began work with Emerald Heart Programs and the results were amazing! Clarity and balance returned and with it, an enhanced ability to see my own gifts and how I can use them to assist others.

Since then I have graduated through the Emerald Heart School, taking my interest in dowsing to Master Dowser level. In 2014 I became an Honorary Elder of the Emerald Heart School, where I run the Emerald Heart Blog and the Emerald Heart Radio Show.

I also do the voices for the channelled information on the popular weekly Internet radio show ‘The Andronicus Transmissions’ hosted by Jessica Arael Marrocco.