Spiritual Support … for wherever you are in the World

These are definitely great times to be alive. Never before have we had so much information and apparent freedom at our finger tips, but with the constant bombardment of mixed messages from media outlets, politicians and multinational corporations, we often end up dazed and confused, not knowing  which way to turn, or how to live our lives.  This forgetting of who we really are is reaching a point now where many are realising that something needs to be changed. 

Since 2004, I have helped to awaken others to their higher purpose, by releasing fears holding them back. This prompts more of their hidden truth to come forward and the wonderful journey of the soul can begin to unfold anew in their life. 

I can offer powerful tools and healing procedures to initiate this process, to support and assist the client on this amazing journey to connect with their authentic selves.

Private Consultations. 

Healing sessions. 

Essence advice and Dowsing service. 

Support and assistance can be offered wherever you are in the World working at a distance.