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These are confusing times we are living in with the information overload available to everyone. We are constantly bombarded with mixed messages from media outlets, we have voted for dubious politicians that lead us astray through our tacit consent for their actions, we accept the deeds of multinational corporations with loaded agendas not aligned to the highest good of humanity and to cap it all, we are passing through one of the most energetic periods due to the Ascension process of our planet.

As an Elder and Teacher of the Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment I see my principal role as helping others access their own truth. To shed the layers of illusion built up through fears and programming which have developed over a long period of time.

There are many things that oppose truth in modern society and unfortunately for us they have become accepted culture. To counter this movement which basically disempowers the individual by delinking us from source and attempting to dehumanize and degrade, I offer the following powerful tools for support on the journey of self discovery. 

Emerald Heart Consultations. Read more HERE

Divine Plan Healing. Light Healing. Read more HERE

Essence advice and Dowsing service. Read more HERE

Spirit Release/Clearance. Read more HERE

 Support and assistance can be offered wherever you are in the World with distance work.        Contact me for more details.

The Emerald HeartA Spiritual Light for personal transformation.

Connecting with The Emerald Heart Light uplifts and empowers as you discover the truth of who you really are.

The Light allows you, step by step, to release fears and limitations, and opens you to new opportunities and potential for change.

Read more about the Emerald Heart HERE

 Pink Heart -Divine Plan-The -Divine Plan- Healing System

A Paradigm shift in Healing 

Find out what your Divine Plan is

Read more of this amazing Healing System HERE





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